Attorney/Client Privilege

Attorney-client privilege and relationship

The attorney-client privilege protects all confidential communications between attorney and client and cannot be disclosed without the consent of the client. This privilege also applies to all employees of RC1. In the attorney-client relationship, the attorney must keep information relating to the representation confidential. The attorney-client privilege protects this confidential information. The staff members who assist the attorneys also must keep all information confidential. The client has to consent to the disclosure of any information.

Contact with Friends and Family Members

Clients should remember that anything said about their cases to friends and family members is not confidential. All jail phone calls are recorded, so nothing of importance should be discussed over the telephone with family or friends. If family members have information about a client’s case or about the client, please have them contact the attorney to provide the information. RC1’s attorneys and staff can discuss non-confidential matters about a client’s case with family members and friends, but the client needs to let the attorney know that it is all right to discuss confidential matters with family and friends.