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Candice K. Brower – Regional Counsel
Cliff Wilson –
Chief Assistant Regional Counsel
Carla Georgieff –
Chief Administrator
Kirby Jordan – Chief Investigator
CRESTVIEW – Location Information & Phone Numbers
Lisa Rivers (Managing Attorney)
Alice Barber (Legal Assistant)
DEFUNIAK SPRINGS – Location Information & Phone Numbers
Joseph Alldredge (Managing Attorney)
Alice Barber (Legal Assistant)
FT. WALTON BEACH – Location Information & Phone Numbers
Celines Garcia-Ryan – (Criminal Defense Attorney)
Rudy Harper (Criminal Defense Attorney)
Katherine Jaquet (Criminal Defense Attorney)
Amy McBride (Circuit Director – East)
Kim Allemand (Legal Assistant)
GAINESVILLE – Location Information & Phone Numbers
Candice K. Brower (Regional Counsel)
Criminal Defense Attorneys
John Broling (Circuit Director)
Eric Atria
John Floyd
Deborah Hunt
Ray Earl Thomas
Alan Bushnell
Dependency Attorneys
Shannon-Jo Converse
Vera Page
Marci Silver (Civil Division Chief)
Support Staff
Alek Morgan (Legal Assistant)
Bryant Frye (Investigator)
Lori Hardy (Paralegal Supervisor)
Mark Thrushman (Legal Assistant)
Gloria Tyson (Legal Assistant)
Letisha Nelson (Legal Assistant)
Edward Wall (Investigator)
Baylee Bunyard (Legal Assistant)
GREEN COVE SPRINGS – Location Information & Phone Numbers
Jennifer Cogdill (Managing Attorney)
Hilda Griffis (Dependency Attorney)
Renee Waters (Criminal Defense/Juvenile Attorney)
Margaret Frey (Paralegal)
JACKSONVILLE – Location Information & Phone Numbers
Criminal Defense Attorneys
Janet Abel (Circuit Director)
James Forrest
Thomas Garland
Katherine Hinchey
Blake Johnson
Donna Storch
Patricia Kyser
Joshua Goldsborough
Randall Richardson (Juvenile)
Dependency Attorneys
Robert Keep
Nicole Gates
Sarah Thomas
Michael Kapperman
Support Staff
Michael Jacques (Investigator)
Ceylone Lively (Legal Assistant)
Susan Murrhee (Paralegal)
Iolinda Maldonado (Legal Assistant)
Roshawnda Reese (Legal Assistant)
Jonathan Ruda (Investigator)
Traci Sloan (Legal Assistant)
Reginald Thomas (Legal Assistant)
Diana Cook (Mitigation Specialist)
LAKE CITY – Location Information & Phone Numbers
Cliff Wilson (Chief Assistant Regional Counsel)
Robert Baker (Criminal Defense Attorney)
Michael Bryant (Criminal Defense Attorney)
Heidi Kemph (Criminal Defense Attorney)
Jeanne Conway (Dependency/Juvenile Attorney)
Angela Miller (Civil Division Chief)
Support Staff
Cedric Davis (Investigator)
Kari Eden (Legal Assistant)
Kathy Thornton (Legal Assistant)
MACCLENNY – Location Information & Phone Numbers
Douglas Massey (Managing Attorney)
Brandi Rhoden (Legal Assistant)
MARIANNA – Location Information & Phone Numbers
Stephanie Shimer (Circuit Director)
Sandra Painter
Barbara Throne
Support Staff
Mary Johnson (Legal Assistant)
MILTON – Location Information & Phone Numbers
Bryan Mcleod (Attorney)
Eunice Maling (Attorney)
Scott Tatum (Attorney)
Robert Thompson (Attorney)
Support Staff
Pamela Clayton (Legal Assistant)
PANAMA CITY – Location Information & Phone Numbers
Criminal Defense Attorneys
Sarah Konwinski (Criminal Division Chief)
Russell Wilson
Caroline Greene
Jan Miron
Amanda Kelley
Dependency Attorneys
Jessica Jordan
Megan Peak
Support Staff
Elizabeth Dempsey (Legal Assistant)
Kirby Jordan (Chief Investigator)
Kallie Parker (Legal Assistant)
Katrina Parker (Investigator)
Angela Toth (Receptionist)
PENSACOLA – Location Information & Phone Numbers
Criminal Defense Attorneys
Richard Currey (Circuit Director)
Christopher Jenkins
Elizabeth Amond
Amanda Edge
Kristina Lightel (Juvenile Attorney)
Wesley Nicholls
Support Staff
Greg Ates (Investigator)
Amanda Cooke (Legal Assistant)
Anna Lee (Paralegal)
Dependency Attorneys
Anna Uniacke
Melissa Walker (Civil Division Chief)
John Norwood
Support Staff
Lisa Allen
Kelli Brock
TALLAHASSEE – Location Information & Phone Numbers
Criminal Defense Attorneys
Daren Shippy (Criminal Circuit Director)
Stacy Sharp
Scott Miller
Bill Sharpe
Angela Senich
John Stevenson
Kareem Todman
Charles Burden
Laura McCarthy
Support Staff
Michael Glantz (Investigator)
Tammy Presnell (Legal Assistant)
Lauren Shelton (Legal Assistant)
Hugh Butler (Legal Assistant)
Megan Herrick (Legal Assistant)
Dependency Attorneys
Susan Barber (Dependency Circuit Director)
Ann Marie Perine
Jennie Shepard
Support Staff
Daniel Sanchez (Legal Assistant)
Michael Titus (Attorney)
Mina Ford (Attorney)
Lacey Crum (Legal Assistant)
Jenna Von See (Legal Assistant)
Carla Georgieff (Chief Administrator)
Karen Hood (Finance and Accounting Director)
Rachael Robertson (Receptionist)
YULEE – Location Information & Phone Numbers
Nicole Jamieson (Managing Attorney)
Michael Kapperman (Dependency)
Dawn Baldassare (Paralegal)