Candice K. Brower Biography

Candice K. Brower
Regional Counsel, Office of Criminal Conflict and Civil Regional Counsel, 1st DCA Region

Candice Brower is a Board-Certified attorney in the area of juvenile law.  This area of law concentrates not only on the rights of juveniles but also on every area of dependency and termination of parental rights cases.  This is roughly half of all of the types of cases that the Regional Counsel’s offices are assigned to handle.  She was with the first group of attorneys ever to achieve this type of certification.  Candice serves on the Florida Bar Juvenile Rules Committee and was appointed to serve on the Special Committee for Parent and Child Representation.  She is committed to protecting the rights of those involved in the juvenile and dependency courts by helping to improve the system to which she has devoted her career.

Candice is also an experienced criminal lawyer.  When Candice earned her law degree in 1997 she became a criminal prosecutor for the Third Judicial Circuit of Florida prosecuting all types of crimes. Before taking the bar exam she was assigned to the misdemeanor and juvenile divisions and was trained to try jury trials while studying for the Florida Bar.  When she earned her Florida  Bar license she was quickly elevated to the career criminal division prosecuting violent felonies, prison release re-offenders, violent career criminals, habitual felony offenders and habitual violent felony offenders.

She left the State Attorney’s office in 2000 with a Distinguished Service Award and opened up her own firm in her home town of Gainesville Florida. She was the sole partner of C. Kaye Brower, P.A. and then Candice K. Brower, PLLC. She defended clients in criminal cases, parents in dependency cases and juveniles in delinquency cases. Her practice also consisted of civil litigation including landlord/tenant, personal injury, wrongful death and contracts.

After eight years of a successful practice, she joined the newly created Office of Criminal Conflict and Civil Regional Counsel in Gainesville, Florida in 2008 as they were in need of someone to handle all of the juvenile delinquency cases. When help was eventually needed in dependency cases and criminal cases she chose to come on full time and has been devoting her career to public service ever since. Candice served as civil division chief and then Circuit Director for the Regional Counsel’s offices in the 8th Judicial Circuit until she was appointed by Governor Scott in 2016 to lead the agency.

Candice is a 1994 Graduate of the University of Florida and a devoted Gator fan.  She is an avid runner, participating regularly in 5 k’s, 10 k’s, 15 k’s and half marathons. She is married to Edward John Brower, III who works for the County of Alachua and they have two sons Jack, age 15 and Edison, age 13.