“Defending you, protecting your family,
preserving your rights.”


Welcome to the Office of Criminal Conflict and Civil Regional Counsel for the First DCA Region of Florida (RC1). Our office, along with the Regional Counsel offices in the four other regions of Florida were created by the legislature in 2007 (SB 1088) to represent indigent people accused of crimes that the Public Defenders were unable to represent due to a conflict of interest. We also have the duty of representing parents in Dependency cases and limited other types of civil cases where the law provides a right to counsel.

The highly skilled and experienced attorneys within RC1 pride ourselves in providing excellent legal representation. We believe all people, regardless of income, are entitled to not just effective, but skilled and compassionate representation. Regional Counsel represents thousands of people and many of them are faced with the most difficult challenges they will face in their life times.

In addition to being a premier provider of legal services, we also strive to protect the fiscal interests of the people of the State of Florida. Since the creation of the Regional Counsel offices in 2007, the cost of indigent legal representation to the taxpayers has reduced significantly and we intend to ensure that trend continues while providing exemplary legal representation.

Candice K. Brower
Regional Counsel, 1st DCA Region

Florida Regional Counsel Districts

Offices of Criminal Conflict & Civil Regional Counsel

  1. First District of Florida – Read more about the First District
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    2. Regional Counsel Candice K. Brower
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    2. Regional Counsel Anthony Ryan
  5. Fifth District of Florida – View Web Site
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